Technology: Bayer Center

Technology Program

The Bayer Center is your first stop for mission-appropriate use of technology.

In the world of management today – whether nonprofit, government or for-profit – nothing changes as rapidly and as constantly as technology.

But for most nonprofits, technology is often an after-thought. They may recognize technology’s importance, but may not have the resources and time to deal with it proactively.

That’s where we come in. The Bayer Center’s technology experts know nonprofits and live technology. It’s a powerful combination.

Consulting Services

Whether you need a technology assessment, planning assistance, website development or social media assistance, we can help.  We can tailor consulting projects to meet your desired scale and budget.  

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We offer technology education in a variety of formats, including our annual TechNow conference, monthly Bagels & Bytes meetings, instructor-led classes and one-on-one clinics. Our instructors speak English as a first language and Geek as a second, so techies at all levels of knowledge are welcome.  

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Our former biannual technology survey provides technology benchmarks for your organization so you can see current trends and track your organization’s own progress against them.

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