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Due to the COVID19 pandemic, the Bayer Center and Covestro Center offices are closed, but our teams are working remotely. We are prepared to support you and your work and look forward to connecting with you via phone or email at this important time. Stay safe!

Not like anybody else.

We’re part of a university. We live the nonprofit life. We give you the time you need…

These are the things that set us apart, and are why thousands of organizations have come to trust the Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management at Robert Morris University as a comprehensive resource for education, consulting, coaching, research, and hands-on solutions for every aspect of nonprofit management.

Every one of our solutions is a custom solution.

At the Bayer Center, we build a stronger community by helping to build stronger, more knowledgeable nonprofits. We do this through collaboration, patience and relationships…combined with decades upon decades of diverse success experience.


Our approach to education is to stay on top of what’s happening in the sector, plan for what’s going to happen, listen to you, and offer the ever-adapting menu of classes you see described on our website.

Consulting and Coaching

Our approach to consulting and coaching is, when time permits and circumstances warrant, to enter into a process that builds mutual trust and respect and long-lasting results. And when time doesn’t permit, to help you deal with crisis in the instant and on the ground.

Thought Leadership

Our approach to thought leadership is to leverage our role as a Robert Morris University center, and to listen to you – through conversations, surveys, research, and community gatherings – to bring together the best thinking on how our sector can most effectively enhance our community.