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One-on-One Clinics

About Our Clinics

Bayer Center clinics are your chance to schedule an hour of individualized, expert advice on topics of interest to your organization for only $50 an hour. Have a legal question? Come to a clinic. Want a snappier website? Come to a clinic. Want to improve your bowling average? Practice...We can't do everything! But we can help with a lot. Take a look below.

To register for a clinic:

Nonprofit Management Clinics

Bylaws Clinic (2-hour minimum) Register online!
Bylaws are important in directing the board and the organization. Due to recent changes in the 990 legislation, many nonprofits’ bylaws are not in compliance with best practices. During this clinic, we will review your bylaws, give you suggestions for improvements, and guide you on how to discuss these with your board. 

Employee Handbook Clinic (2-hour minimum) Register online!
Is your employee handbook up to date, and are all the vital elements included? Does its wording comply with wage and hour laws? Is it truly the employee information source that you would like it to be? We can help! We will do a complete review of your handbook and point out the sections that are missing or require revisions. 

HR Clinic - Register online!
Do your HR policies need to be updated? Is expansion requiring more staff and more new job descriptions? Are you facing layoffs, or do you have a pregnant staffer and no maternity policy? We can help you with these and other issues including:

  • Creating better performance appraisals
  • Improving employee relations
  • Restructuring benefits and compensation

The session is for any staff person with HR oversight. Bring your materials including employee handbook, performance appraisal form and anything else HR-related to your appointment. 

Marketing Clinic - Register online!
We’ll review your current marketing strategy and materials, and give you advice about where you should focus your energy to align with your mission, customers and needs. 

Nonprofit Start-up Clinic (2-hour minimum) - Register online!
Thinking of starting a nonprofit? We’ll give you one-on-one guidance with the next steps – whether it is more research, looking into fiscal sponsorship, or reviewing an exemption application. We’ll guide you through different options and the decision-making process. 

Pinpoint Planning Clinic - Register online!
Know you need to improve in a specific area? It provides executives and boards with a quick analysis of critical operations and specific recommendations for improvement. You can choose from: finances and financial management, fundraising, human resources, legal issues, governance and technology. Each PinPoint PlanningTM tool is a type of audit that will take organizations about an hour to complete and return. The Bayer Center will assign an ESC volunteer or LawLinks attorney from the relevant field to review your materials and then meet with you one-on-one for a working session. During your face-to-face meeting, you’ll receive concrete, actionable suggestions to enhance your current operations. This program was developed by the Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management in partnership with the United Way of Allegheny County. 

Finance Clinics

Prepping for an Audit Clinic (2-hour minimum) - Register online!
Do the words financial audit make the hair on the back of your neck rise? Work with one of our volunteers to help make sure you’re tracking your finances well, walk through the audit process, and gather required documentation long before the auditors arrive. 

Technology Clinics

Excel/Spreadsheet Clinic - Register online!
Other people work magic with spreadsheets; so can you! For complete beginners to advanced users with specific questions, this clinic is your opportunity to become the Excel magician you’ve always wanted to be! We’ll teach you handy tricks of the trade that save time and effort:

  • Write time-saving formulas so that you never have to hand-tally again
  • Read formulas in existing spreadsheets and follow those crazy links
  • Format your spreadsheets for readability
  • Use spreadsheets to dynamically analyze scenarios

Bring your questions - or even better - a spreadsheet you want to improve. 

Social Media Strategy Clinic - Register online!
Have you just been handed responsibility for your organization’s social media strategy and are unsure how to begin? Let us mentor you one-on-one, and you’ll be using social media more effectively in no time! 

Website Audit Clinic - Register online!
How long has it been since your organization’s website had an overhaul? Does the site still serve your goals and needs? Our website expert will audit your site in three areas (design, functionality and content) and provide an honest (but kind) assessment and recommend strategies for improvement. 

WordPress Clinic (2-hour minimum) - Register online!
Have a great idea for your website but no idea how to do it? Bring those WordPress challenges and questions to our expert, and we’ll help you create the site of your dreams! This clinic is designed to help you troubleshoot specific issues. Though users of all skill levels are welcome, you must have a basic knowledge of WordPress prior to the clinic. 

Looking for a clinic in something that's not listed? We might be able to customize a clinic just for you! Email Carrie Richards at to inquire.